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For Your Business:

SecureITnet is more than just an IT provider.  We succeed by helping our clients succeed.  With that said, we are not a fit for everyone.  We have made a dedicated effort to provide ‘small company’ service to our clients.  This means that our typical client has less than 250 systems on their network.  Many of our clients have on 5 to 10 systems on their network.  This allows us to often meet personally with the business owner and understand their goals moving forward.  We can then take one of our three packages and tailor it to their specific needs. This type of partnership with our clients means that we can become an integral part of their business success.  We can help them outsource just the monitoring of their systems if they want to keep their in house staff or we can provide the entire outsourced solution. Marketing – We’re not just about bits and bytes! In addition to IT work we are passionate about business development and marketing.  The internet is changing the way business is done and we want our clients to be game changers in their industry and not the ones left behind with an outdated business model.  Again, we only succeed when our customers succeed.  We’re happy to share what we have and are continuing to learn in the face of a changing internet landscape, social media, etc.

For Your Home:

Do you dread doing computer / phone / tablet upgrades and the hassle associated with transferring all that data?   We have proven systems to simplify the process.   At the same time we can help organize your photos and documents for access across all platforms. Home automation / video surveillance:   Today’s technology allows you to see what’s happening in and around your home while at work or on vacation.   Smart thermostats let you monitor your home climate, turn your heat or A/C back to comfort setting while on your way home from vacation and we can install multiple sensors to even out temperature differences throughout your living space. Call us today for a free consult.