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IT Upgrades

From simple PC or server upgrades to full data room rewire & configuration, we’ll be glad to handle every step of the process.

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Unified Communications

Upgrade your old legacy phone system to 100% availability.   Whether in your brick and morter office, on the road, or at your home office we can design a system that follows you everywhere and provides seamless communication with your clients.

VOIP (voice over IP) is the future and it is here today!  

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Data Recovery

Are you facing the dreaded hard drive clatter or bearing squeal that accompanies a hard drive failure?

Can’t afford to spend $500-$1000 to ‘possibly’ recover your photos or documents?

We can provide affordable data recovery services!

From simple drive head clearance adjustments to full platter or circuit board replacement we have rarely found a drive we can’t recover 80-100%

Disclaimer:  If you’ve allowed a drive to run for hours with drive heads pounding away at the surfaces you’ve probably damaged it beyond recovery.

Call us before the drive is completely destroyed.

We begin with a basic one hour $25 evaluation of the drive health.   From there we can determine if the recovery is going to be fairly simple or complex and give you an approximate percentage of data recovered and cost.

Simple Recovery

Simple recoveries consist of basic drive head adjustments, bearing lubrication to get the drive into a state where we can recover as much data as possible before it degrades further.    The timing on this process is critical as we have a limited time before the drive becomes completely inoperable.

These usually run in the $100 range and we can recover up to about 50Gig of data before platters degrade to the point where they are unreadable.

Complex Recovery

These usually entail purchasing an exact replica of the damaged drive and replacing the bad circuit board with a known good one or removing the entire platter assembly and placing into the known good drive housing with head assembly and circuit board intact.

Because of the parts cost and time involved these recoveries will cost $250+ depending on parts costs.